Summer Camp

Here's a summer camp graphic, maybe there's enough summer left for you to find a use for it! Included is clip art of a happy sun and a wallpaper formatted image.

Download links below...

("Delius Unicase" is the free font used if you want to match with your own text)

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It's Canada Man!

The first flag-based clip art on the site, I decided to start with where I live - Canada! The image of a Mountie (as in RCMP; Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is uniquely Canadian - or maybe I should have drawn a hockey player instead :)

A black and white version included, so you can even print out a coloring page for your kids!

Anyway, I hope you like Canada Man! Would you like to see other countries? Maybe Turkey Man? Argentina Man? Irish Girl? Let me know!

Download links below...

Download clipart;

Cross My Heart

Just a little clipart graphic I made called "Cross My Heart" as an addition to the Christian category.

You can download the clip art at the links below...

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I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, download links below

Remember, I'm always open to your feedback, feel free to hit that "contact me" button to the right and let me know how you're using the clip art you find here!

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Spice up your announcements with these "Reminder!" graphics. Included is a 3-hole sheet of paper graphic too! Download clip art files below...

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Donuts... or is it Doughnuts?

Donuts are one of those funny words that has a different British spelling; "doughnuts". Well, regardless of how you spell them, here's some clip art!

Download links below

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"See You Next Week" Graphic

Just a simple "See You Next Week" for your programs, bulletins, PowerPoint slideshow presentations, or whatever. Download links below.

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