Eroded Ornamental Swirl Shape

A versatile eroded ornamental flourish swirl shape thingee for use in your vintage "aged-look" art projects.

Of course, feel free to change color and opacity to match with what you're doing in your art project.

Download links at the bottom of the post.


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Christmas Party! Snowflakes, Gift, Backgrounds

We're in the holiday season, so it's time for some Christmas Party clip art, complete with decorative text, snowflakes, a present, and backgrounds!

PNG artwork has transparent background for easier use. Download clipart at links below


Joy to the World!

Some "Joy to the World" clipart today. Maybe it can come in handy for you sometime this Christmas season...

Download links below.

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Christmas Holly

We're coming close to that time again, so here's some holly clip art to spice up the text in your graphics, or in your homemade Christmas cards, or just "whatever" this holiday season!

Download clipart files at the links below

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Cross of Nails

I hope you can find a lot of great uses for this Cross of Nails clip art.
Download links at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

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Cartoon Crown

A cartoony looking crown graphic today. Download the clipart at the links below.

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Stained Glass Cross

Some stained glass cross clipart. Also included is a coloring page version that you can give your kids to color!

Download links below...

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Paint Splats / Ink Splats

Some fun ink splats, see what you can do with them...

Free download links art files below

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The Jesus Fish

A new addition to the Christian section today...

You may see this symbol on the back of someone's car, it's the "Jesus Fish" and a reminder that Jesus calls believers to be fishers of men.

Download links below.

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Metallic Stars!

Some shiny metallic stars for you to use. File links below...

As always, feel free to comment or send a message and share how you're using the clip art!

For any questions as to the usage of the clip art, you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, and failing that, an email.

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We Are Ninja!

A cartoon ninja for you today that I hope you all will like. Download links below...

And by all means, leave your feedback below, thanks!

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Summer Camp

Here's a summer camp graphic, maybe there's enough summer left for you to find a use for it! Included is clip art of a happy sun and a wallpaper formatted image.

Download links below...

("Delius Unicase" is the free font used if you want to match with your own text)

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It's Canada Man!

The first flag-based clip art on the site, I decided to start with where I live - Canada! The image of a Mountie (as in RCMP; Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is uniquely Canadian - or maybe I should have drawn a hockey player instead :)

A black and white version included, so you can even print out a coloring page for your kids!

Anyway, I hope you like Canada Man! Would you like to see other countries? Maybe Turkey Man? Argentina Man? Irish Girl? Let me know!

Download links below...

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Cross My Heart

Just a little clipart graphic I made called "Cross My Heart" as an addition to the Christian category.

You can download the clip art at the links below...

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I think this one is pretty self-explanatory, download links below

Remember, I'm always open to your feedback, feel free to hit that "contact me" button to the right and let me know how you're using the clip art you find here!

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Spice up your announcements with these "Reminder!" graphics. Included is a 3-hole sheet of paper graphic too! Download clip art files below...

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Donuts... or is it Doughnuts?

Donuts are one of those funny words that has a different British spelling; "doughnuts". Well, regardless of how you spell them, here's some clip art!

Download links below

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"See You Next Week" Graphic

Just a simple "See You Next Week" for your programs, bulletins, PowerPoint slideshow presentations, or whatever. Download links below.

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Have Faith Cross

"Have Faith" cross clipart.
Click preview image to enlarge. Download links below.
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Announce and signify your upcoming retreat with this new graphic, download links below...

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"Grey" Space Alien

Another piece of alien clipart for you (I must like aliens, eh?) that I hope you all will like - This time of the "grey alien" variety. Download links below...

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Upcoming Events

A simple "Upcoming Events" graphic to spice up your announcements. Download links below...

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Arrrr! A pirate graphic for ya!

If you download, please leave a comment below - let me know if you want to see more of this sorta thing, - or just stop and say "hi".

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Please Turn Off Your Cell Phone!

Here's a graphic you can use at your events when you want people to turn off their stupid phones.
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Tentacled Green Alien Space Monster

Sometimes you just need a tentacled green alien space monster, y'know?
Anyway, I hope you like it. Let me know what interesting ideas you have for it!

Download clipart below...


Bowling Night!

You've got to love bowling! Here's some clip art to help you announce those bowling nights to the group. Includes bowling pins, bowling ball, and decorative text!

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The Fruit of the Spirit

Hey there, thanks for visiting!

To kick off this blog, I'm posting this "Fruit of the Spirit" design (based on Galatians 5:22-23) I made that I hope you'll be able to use. I think it could be great for kids.

If you run into a problem with the files or have any other questions, you can check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" page, comment below, or feel free to send me an email!

Stay tuned for more free clip art or if you're just curious to see what's next!


Vector .ai format

Thanks for visiting!